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A Few Downloadable Assets to Help Your Agency Take Off

Everything on this page was created for you to jumpstart getting the right systems and processes in place for your agency. The only reason we are in business is to improve the lives of digital marketing agency owners, and in order to do that, we’ve got to give you the right tools.

“With Lee’s guidance, we’ve made changes at WideNet that increased sales, production, overall employee happiness, and yet somehow still simplified my own position.”

Chris Williams – CEO/Founder of WideNet Consulting

Agency Success Toolkit - 4 Power Tools for Your Agency

Get Instant Access to My 6 Figure Proposal Template, Agency Leadership Micro Course, Agency Performance Metrics Workbook, & 9 Steps to a Multi-Million Dollar Guidebook all for FREE.

How to Win Bigger Deals Proposal Template

The proposal process determines the standard of communications for the rest of your relationship with your prospect. It also determines how much time your team will spend, and how much money your prospect spends on the project at hand. Learn how to close bigger deals and work with clients that don’t make you want to pull your hair out with this proposal template that you can customize and use for your own agency.

Agency Leadership Micro Course

This micro course will give you a 30,000 foot view of what the leadership in your agency should look like if you want to have a self-sufficient and self-running company. This course also teaches you how to get your staff on board with your company’s vision, thus increasing their productivity. Able to be completed in 20-30 minutes, this micro course will contain 4 short videos, a detailed workbook, and a quiz at the end to test how much you’ve learned.

Agency Performance Indicators Study Guide

It often feels like we’re spending too much and working too hard for leads that don’t convert as well as we’d like them to. We likely feel that way because it’s true. We put tons of our marketing dollars and many of our valuable hours on efforts that aren’t converting and only cause us more backache. With proper Agency Performance Indicators, you will be able to track which marketing efforts are working and which aren’t. You’ll also be able to break down all of your cash flows into very specific line items so you can see how much profit you make off of each employee, how efficient each department is, and the overall effectiveness of your agency.

9 Steps to a Multi-Million Dollar Agency

This guide gives you 9 concepts that, if you totally nail them, could bring you to break through the glass ceiling of reaching 7 figures. These proven concepts are exactly what I used to build my digital marketing agency into a multi-million dollar digital company, and what allowed it to stand on its own two feet once I retired from it and eventually sold it.


In this webinar, you will learn about the 8 Step Project Management Perfect Lifecycle. To keep scope creep out of your agency for good, you have to take all measures to prevent it in each of your projects from day one. This is no easy task on your own, but with the right help from someone who has been in your shoes, and proven predefined systems and processes to guide you and your service department, you’re golden. Learn more about how to create happier clients by registering below.

“Lee really helped me understand lead harvesting and developing a structured sales funnel that ultimately helped me close more deals, and that’s the name of the game.”

Nina Hershberger- CEO/Founder of Megabucks Marketing

“I have the greatest respect for Lee both as a marketer and as a systems person. He’s able to integrate who you are, why you’re doing what you’re doing, and who you want to reach.”

Emerson Brantley – CEO/Founder Web 3Direct