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Everything on this page was created for you to jumpstart getting the right systems and processes in place for your agency. The only reason we are in business is to improve the lives of digital marketing agency owners, and in order to do that, we’ve got to give you the right tools.

“With Lee’s guidance, we’ve made changes at WideNet that increased sales, production, overall employee happiness, and yet somehow still simplified my own position.”

Chris Williams – CEO/Founder of WideNet Consulting


Stop wasting hours and hours of your valuable time creating one off proposals

This webinar will give you a proven way to land big projects and Eliminate 90% of the competition. Gain the confidence needed to win the big deal!!

The proposal process determines the standard of communications for the rest of your relationship with your prospect. It also determines how much time your team will spend, and how much money your prospect spends on the project at hand. Learn how to close bigger deals and work with clients that don’t make you want to pull your hair out with this proposal template that you can customize and use for your own agency.

On-Demand Webinar – 10 Step Niche Process – Why are niches such a big deal? Ever heard of the phrase “History always repeats itself?” Well, it is true. I will explain our 10-step niche down process in this webinar and explain why it is CRITICAL to niche down ASAP with your agency. You will Learn the benefits of picking a niche for your agency, Learn how to vet and select the right niche, and Experience incredible, predictable and reliable growth.

By finding the right niche, you can create a digital marketing strategy and products that are 100% customized to your client’s individual pain points.



It is all about Productization but what exactly is Productization?  In this Webinar, you will learn how to productize, how to increase profits by at least 5-25% and raise your pricing model and cut deliverable cost by 30%!! Also, learn the 6 Systems to Productize your Agency, learn to provide for every possible pain point and learn to standardize to deliver predictable and reliable results every single time!

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In this webinar you will be given basic tools to engage prospects, determine interst, VET on pricing and establish a rapport.

3 Primary steps to engagements

  1. Elevator  PItch
  2. Sales Deck
  3. Proposal Delivery system

Getting out there engaging prospects can be intimidating, but it does not have to be anymore!

I will give you a complete understanding to create AN efective elevator pitch, sale deck and perfect delivery. With this formal framework AND FOLLOW uP skills you will BE CONFIDENT and successful!

Knowing “The Unsung Hero” leads to success!

KNOWING THAT YOUR target audience only has  so much money TO SPEND on digital marketing which means they can only utilize so many services. It is your job and mission to go after each and EVERY ONE of those marketing dollars with vengeance and reckless abandonment!

This webinar will give you the TOOLS TO pay for traffic wisely, put your money where the quality leads are and how to organically get high quality traffic



We’ll show you how to put your money where the quality leads are rather than spending tons of money on leads that never intend to buy from you. Also, you’ll learn how to organically get high-quality traffic.

When it comes to traffic, it is about quality over quantity. You need to get the best traffic for the lowest price.

Armed with the right knowledge, you can create a traffic generation strategy to become a traffic master and win this war!

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In this webinar you will be given basic tools to get leads now, harvest leads for long term success and be in control of your sales 100%

3 Things You Can Expect to Learn

  1. The value of lead magnet diversification
  2. How to harvest leads on a daily basis
  3. How to position your agency as the elite and higher priced option

Lead Harvesting is as much a mindset as it is a set of proven processes that ensure both short term cash flow needs and long term growth plans are achieved. 

What You Will Learn in this Webinar:

  1. How to close more of the leads you are already getting.
  2. Double and Triple Your Leads with a Few Simple Lead Magnet Tips
  3. Precise KPI’s into exactly how your sales systems are working. 
  4. Know exactly where your profit is coming from
  5. Eliminate Follow Up Failure
  6. How to get the Lowest Customer Acquisition Cost on the Planet

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  1. How to Train Your Clients to be Dream Clients
  2. Eliminate Scope Creep Before It Eliminates You
  3. How to Hold Your Clients Accountable 
  4. Increase Your Profit with Change Orders
  5. The 5 Legal Agreements that Keep Your Protected

This training is for both website professionals who currently do not have care plans established in their business, as well as website professionals who want more profitable and better-systemized care plans.

Do you want recurring revenue in your business?
Do you want your website care plans to be less stressful and more profitable?
Do you want a way to outsource to a trained team with automation and a smooth process?

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Get Instant Access to My 6 Figure Proposal Template, Agency Leadership Micro Course, Agency Performance Metrics Workbook, & 9 Steps to a Multi-Million Dollar Guidebook all for FREE.

The proposal process determines the standard of communications for the rest of your relationship with your prospect. It also determines how much time your team will spend, and how much money your prospect spends on the project at hand. Learn how to close bigger deals and work with clients that don’t make you want to pull your hair out with this proposal template that you can customize and use for your own agency. Learn a proven way to land big projects and eliminate 90 % of the competition and gain the confidence needed to win the BIG DEALS!!

It often feels like we’re spending too much and working too hard for leads that don’t convert as well as we’d like them to. We likely feel that way because it’s true. We put tons of our marketing dollars and many of our valuable hours on efforts that aren’t converting and only cause us more backache. With proper Agency Performance Indicators, you will be able to track which marketing efforts are working and which aren’t. You’ll also be able to break down all of your cash flows into very specific line items so you can see how much profit you make off of each employee, how efficient each department is, and the overall effectiveness of your agency.

This guide gives you 9 concepts that, if you totally nail them, could bring you to break through the glass ceiling of reaching 7 figures. These proven concepts are exactly what I used to build my digital marketing agency into a multi-million dollar digital company, and what allowed it to stand on its own two feet once I retired from it and eventually sold it.

“The thing I liked most about my experience with Lee was that these aren’t things Lee learned from going to a conference or on a late night webinar, these are things Lee learned by working with real businesses and building his OWN business.”

Lamar Tyler – CEO/Co-Founder of Tyler New Media

In our interactive workshop, we work together to customize your very own digital agency proposal template. When we are done, you will be able to customize your proposal template in 30 minutes or less. Get the word version of my proposal template, one on one time with Lee and a group workshop where you work other agency owners all work together to make your proposal a big deal closing machine!  Click Here to Learn More

Our Flagship program for agencies ready to break through the 7 figure mark. The Agency Blueprint program contains everything you need to build a successful, sustainable and enjoyable agency. Whether you need more sales, more leads, learn how to measure success or implement a cutting edge agile leadership framework, the Blueprint is exactly what you need. Built in a micro content format, meaning you simply log in, watch a 3 – 5 minute video on your phone, download one of over 50 tools and whatever problem you had is now a thing of the past. Click Here to read the details of what you get in this world class agency scalability and growth program.

Become a Master Agency with our certification process. Show all prospects and clients that you are an Elite agency by proudly displaying your certification badges.

Combine your efforts with some of the most successful agency owners all over the country to get your agency to the next level. Learn new ways to be more efficient, more effective, and learn new tips and tricks of the trade that will make your life and your staffs’ lives a lot easier and more productive. With tons of live sessions, countless shared articles and videos, and plenty of stimulating conversation, there’s no way you won’t get several valuable nuggets every week.


One on one coaching with Lee has helped tons of agency owners all over the country work less and make more time for the people and things they love. Lee helps agency owners decrease or completely eliminate scope creep from their projects, close bigger deals with a perfect proposal creation process, track success with precise performance indicators that show you exactly where your money is going and coming from, and so much more.

“Lee really helped me understand lead harvesting and developing a structured sales funnel that ultimately helped me close more deals, and that’s the name of the game.”

Nina Hershberger- CEO/Founder of Megabucks Marketing

“I have the greatest respect for Lee both as a marketer and as a systems person. He’s able to integrate who you are, why you’re doing what you’re doing, and who you want to reach.”

Emerson Brantley – CEO/Founder Web 3Direct


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