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Breaking through that glass ceiling isn’t easy. I’ve been there, believe me, I know. It’s frustrating to try to compile all of the right assets and create the perfect success formula: a compatible and competent project management team PLUS the types of clients you actually enjoy working with (who are able to afford you). If you’re at all like how I was, you did your research, you asked other business owners, and you’ve thrown just about everything up at the wall, but nothing will stick.

I spent 15 years developing a unique framework that allows you to grow, scale or sell your digital agency.

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"Lee built the first scalable and "real" agency in the Infusionsoft ecosystem. "


"With Lee's guidance, we've made changes that increased sales, production, overall employee happiness AND simplified my own position!"

"Thank you for putting together a program that finally puts real world and practical content all in one place from someone who's been there."


"So I'm reinforcing my brand, and I'm creating raving fans that I wasn't creating before because frankly, I allowed myself to fall to the wayside.... He's a good ol' boy, who helps you get good ol' results!"

“Lee really helped me understand lead harvesting… and also helped me to develop a sales funnel. In the past, it was more of a haphazard format, but he really helped me structure that so that I can close more deals… and that’s the name of the game.”


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